Frequently Asked Questions

The materials of metal frames are economical, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are produced according to strict quality control standards. Houses with a metal frame are resistant in moisture, corrosion, termites, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and storms.

No. The structure will be covered by the walls and will not be seen in any way.

No. Your house will look like any other in the region. Moreover, because of the durability of the metal frame, you can design your home with more open spaces, e.g., fewer columns. The use of a metal frame can remain the walls straight without the risk of warpage and the finishes will be done with the same materials which are commonly used.

You can create bespoke designs, just as you normally would. We could also suggest some ready architectural designs.

The price of the metal has varied a little over the last decade. While the cost of traditional building materials, such as cement and wood, has shown significant increases, the prices of the metal frame showed minor adjustments. The fact that your house will be built much faster, with less labor costs, less material wastage and easier long-term maintenance, contributes to a very economical construction.

No. The metal framework is proposed by the Institute of Health Building of America for environmentally conscious owners with sensitivity to chemical materials, who also are looking for good quality air into their house. The metal frames need no treatment for canker and they do not contain resins and chemical adhesives that some other building materials have.

Yes, as the metal frame allows larger openings without intermediate support. The property can be designed without interior partitions and facilitating changes without affecting the statics of the building.

The use of galvanized metal frame protects your house from rust.

Due to our methods for insulation, your home will be energy efficient, while preserving the heat in winter and the cool during summer.

Yes. Houses with metal frame can be designed to meet or even exceed government standards for energy efficiency. Furthermore, as the frame maintains its straight structure, it helps prevent shrinkage, cracking or distortion. This results to air leaks prevention, which are the exact cause of energy loss.

The metal frame provides better protection than any other building system. Scientists suggest, using steel frame buildings as shelters during the storm because the structure grounds electricity, and reduces the likelihood of explosions, fire, or electric shock.

Your home will be no different from the neighbor's and under normal circumstances should be suitable for sale. Due to the great durability and the insulating properties metal has, your home will retain its value, especially in the long run. In addition, if you take advantage of the flexibility and durability of the metal to design open and airy spaces, the building will present additional qualifications for future buyers.

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