Why Metal

Metal Advantages

Metal Frame’s construction systems provide reliability, functionality, and excellent investment performance.

Metal is a material with long last durability in natural disasters. Due to the usage of prefabricated steels, which can be transported and assembled quicker and easier, the erection process is achieved in less time.

As you see, Metal Building are the construction of the future.

Metal represents unparalleled strength against earthquakes, but also to moisture, fire, erosion, storms, termites and other similar pests.

Metal is a material with long lasting resistance in moisture, corrosion, termites, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and storms.

The strength of a metal is undeniable; it is twenty-one times more flexible than wood and ten times more powerful than reinforced concrete (concrete with steel reinforcement). It is ideal for areas with poor soil, because of its lightness in comparison to other materials.

Construction projects made from metal frame can be built in a very short period. The construction can be ready within ten months.

Light steel constructions are more economical than conventional construction methods. That leads to the result of the reduced cost of the base construction, due to the lower weight of the metal frame.

Also, in metal constructions, the building blocks are placed at longer distances than traditional construction methods, so you can be benefited with the privileges of large spaces to the maximum extent.

Also, the metal has no toxic substances and any allergic side effects, and these features make it non – harmful.

The entire structure is recyclable.

Light steel constructions give designers the freedom to provide functional and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Static of Building

The research was conducted in the laboratory of the University of Buffalo and has proven the static behavior of the building in an earthquake, similar to our own metal buildings.

Energy Performance

The construction of light steel house enables an ecological economic construction with energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is very important since it determines the capabilities of each house in that regard to the needs in energy consumption for heating and cooling purposes etc.

Below you will see some examples of Energy Performance certificates of our buildings.

Zero Energy Building

The achievement of a house building with zero energy consumption, is a result of the usage of proper material and systems with low heating and cooling consumption.

Metal houses with excellent thermal insulation and with special frames which can seal the heat or maintain a cool environment in the summer, result to less heating and cooling expenses. Excellent soundproofing is also provided, with special insulation with single and double stone wool or ironed polystyrene.

We can manage buildings with almost zero energy consumption, when using the right materials.

Fire Safety

Metal Frame Houses makes sure that she uses high quality and fire-resistant materials.

One of the materials which is been used, is the stone wool, which can provide excellent performance in a building’s fire safety. Stone wool is an incombustible material, since its fibers withstand temperatures above 1000°C, maintaining their insulating properties and dimensional stability.

Technology & Materials

Metal Frame Houses offers to customers the option of 2 external wall choices and 1 option of internal wall. You can see the wall systems below.

Metal Frame Constructions offers customers the possibility of 2 PVC and Aluminum energy efficiency A+ frame options.

Metal Frame Constructions offers the options of 3 roofs. Below you will see the systems of roofs.

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